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A 501 (c)3 Charity Serving Utah's Children, Communities, and Heroes Since 2006


The BHD has gathered people and organizations together since 2006.

Who knew that such an eclectic group could grow together and make such a huge impact on Utah’s children, communities, and heroes. Since 2006, we have given $2,273,769 back to Utah.

The Beehive Drive is a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We provide charitable contributions to:

•  The Utah Highway Patrol’s Honoring Heroes Foundation
•  Local community projects that improve the lives of our citizens
•  Utah’s students who wouldn’t otherwise have additional educational opportunities

Since 2006, $713,389 in scholarships have been awarded, and 354 students were given the unique opportunity to study and explore Washington DC. Not only learning the history of our great nation, but meeting our leaders and our government structure and procedures. By empowering our children, we open a new avenue for them and a better future for all of Utah.

The BHD is most proud to have contributed over $773,476 to Utah’s law enforcement and public safety including the Honoring Heroes Foundation. Donations go directly to help the widows and families of fallen or wounded public employees serving the citizens of Utah. In addition, $109,001 has been used for financial aid and scholarships for dependents of the Utah Highway Patrol Association, Utah EMT Association, Utah Chiefs of Police Association, Utah Sheriffs’ Association, and the Professional Fire Fighters of Utah.

Each year, three special communities are chosen for the BHD Event. Together with community leaders, we create an exciting lunchtime event. Led by the state’s finest UHP Motors, a line of 40 fast, exotic cars fill the local park while children of all ages wait to experience a car show like no other.

For the highlight of the afternoon, city officials and local law enforcement are recognized with special tokens of appreciation and a grant. Our grant for the community is a gift with strings: Build a better community for your citizens. Over $249,627 provided improvements to community centers, parks and playgrounds, town theaters, museums, libraries, etc. And, an additional $206,500 was awarded as community scholarships.